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Emergency LED Bulbs 9W 12W Emergency Lamps Household Lighting Bulbs Daylight

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Input Power : .

Input Voltage : .AC 175-265 V

LM : 450lm / 600lm

Lamp Body Material : .

Protection Level : .


Product description:

Model: RC-0902 (9W), RC-1202 (12W)


Battery backup light bulb is widely used in home, office, garage,warehouse, 

garden and outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, etc. It is a perfect combination of 

regular led bulb and power outage lights. It works as regular led bulb when connected to

AC 175-265 voltage, and it will light on automatically if there is power outage.


Power: 9W / 12W
Working Voltage: AC 175-265 Volt
Lumens: 450lm/600lm
Light Color: Daylight 3000-6500K
Emergency Time: 3-4 hours
Base: E27/B22

Charging Method: Charging during electric lighting

How to use the rechargeable led bulb ?

Insert the bulb into any suitable bulb fixture as regular led bulb, control on / off by switch. 
Screw the bulb into our cap with switch and hook, control on / off by switch on our cap.
Use fingers touch bulb base, control on / off by fingers.
Use a wet tissue or wet cloth.

How Does The Bulb Work During Power Outage ? 

When there is a power outage, switch on, the bulb will stay on as emergency led light, if witch off, the bulb will be off. 

Why The Bulb Is Always On? Can Not Turn Off ? 

Normally this will not happen, but if your lamp circuit system is very complex and special, this will happen, all different brands of emergency light bulbs in current market has this same problem, this is decided by working principle. 

KSh 489 40% OFF
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  • Stock : 100PCS
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